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Malawi’s Economy

Malawi’s economy is heavily based on agriculture, which produces 90% of the export revenues. However, environmental protection is an issue.

Due to a shortage of foreign exchange, the country had difficulties in paying for its imports as a knock-on from a drop in foreign investment in 2009.

The IMF (2012) GDP tables has Malawi as 181st of 187 countries. About 36% of the government’s income is from donor countries.

Despite these difficulties, however, there are signs of hope. The government has announced various improvements in infrastructure and plans for a waterway via Mozambique for better transportation.

Nevertheless, despite all the hard work, there are many difficulties still to overcome: unreliable power, water shortages, poor telecommunications and the high costs of services.

This rather downbeat assessment does not take into account the friendliness and adaptability of the local people. Not for nothing is Malawi called “the warm heart of Africa”